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Projectors can be used in different ways as home theater for watching movies and playing games, office assistance as giving presentations, and so on. All these things depend upon resolutions that come in different options like 600p, 720p, and 1080p. In these 1080p is considered high definition due to their marked improvement over other resolutions.

The best 1080p home cinema projectors give better picture quality, especially on larger screens where high definition images look sharper and crispier. This means you can sit closer to the same screen without seeing the pixilation.

Home cinema Projectors that has 1080p resolutions has always been creating the big screen experience in your home and there is no exception while enjoying your favourite movies and games. These types of projectors can give a whole new meaning to movies, television programs, and games that reaches the high level acceptable performance.

The Projectors that have 1080p resolution lets you watch better picture quality with extra clarity. These types of projectors are intended by photographers or movie makers. The 1080p projectors with high resolutions and brightness have sharper and crystal image as well as their own specialities in terms of functionality, price, and output. Through all these points you may decide the best 1080p home cinema projectors.

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Top 5 1080p home cinema projectors are given below:

# 1

TOUYING Mini HD 3D Projector

List Price: $599.00 USD
New From: $439.00 USD


# 2

Greatic U58 LED 1080P Mini Projector

List Price: $219.99 USD
New From: $219.99 USD


# 3

RAGU Z720 Video projector

List Price: $199.68 USD
New From: $199.68 USD


# 4

CamKing U90 1500 Lumens 1080P Video Projector

List Price: $102.99 USD
New From: $102.59 USD


# 5

Fuleadture Portable LED Projector



Best 1080p Home Cinema Projectors – Conclusion

It is practically impossible to build a TV for home use that is so big to ever replace cinema experience. And that is what projectors are made for. But then, is image all for that matters for watching movies? Certainly not! And neither did these projector brands think so. That is why we have shortlisted these projectors, here, on the list.

If it’s your first projector ever and you are only in a mood to see how projectors do, maybe try the cheap and best option on this list i.e Xinda 1800 Lumens Projector. And before you judge this tiny budgeted projector, check out its 180” image size with a resolution of 800 x 480, extendible up to 1080p. The projector also has a 5W SRS Stereo Speaker and impressive MHL connectivity which makes this projector quite a wonder. However, a common man with a knack for these entertainment machines would go for Optoma HD142X which has 3000ANSI Lumens and uses DLP technology to throw the image. Contrast ratio of 23000:1 is an impressive thing about this projector which signifies what a rich image quality this projector offers. MHL support for Smartphones, HDMI for streaming via your favorite devices, 12V trigger, VGA, USB and what not; this projector is the absolute plethora of connectivity features.
Now the beauty of this list is its diversity in terms of features and price. And talking about pricey, high-end projectors here, Epson HC1450 is one such thing we have. A super-bright picture with a decent contrast ratio and 4200 Lumen count is what this projector boasts of in any type of light conditions. 3LCD projection used by this projector makes things even better, bringing better color saturation and sharpness to the picture. 1080p resolution and 16W Audio output make this projector an ideal choice for the movie buffs. And connectivity via LAN/USB A and B, MHL/HDMI/VGA/RS232C/Monitor is another aspect you can be relieved about as there is literally no device that you can’t connect to this projector. However, this category is ruled by the most pro projector on the list – ViewSonic PRO8530HDL. This projector is a straight on delight with its 1080p resolution on 16:9 aspect ratio with 5200ANSI Lumens. The projector also offers lens shift which is quite an extravagant feature in projectors if you ask us. The greatest thing about this projector is that it offers an impeccable picture even at 275” image size, which is practically huge. And to connect it with other devices, it has MHL, HDMI, VGA, VGA Out, S-video, USB Type A and Type B, Wireless PortAll dongle and LAN. And oh, did we forget to mention; it has quite reliable DLP technology for that flawless picture quality and a perfect movie night.