Best Basic Cell Phones For Seniors

While selecting a cell phone for elderly parents or seniors, forget about high end smartphones with 4G, WI-FI, high end processors and applications. Most seniors prefer no frill basic cell phones with large keypads. Before buying a phone for grandmas and grandpas or seniors we should consider following features:
1.) Big Buttons,
2.) Simple and Easy to Use,
3.) Hearing Aid Compatibility and Amplified Sound,
4.) Personal Emergency Response System(Emergency Button).

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We have compiled a list of top basic phones for seniors on the basis of above given features and ratings on many expert review sites. Hope this list will help you to find a good phone for your elderly parents or grandmas and grandpas.

# Rank 1: 

Snapfon ezTWO Senior Cell Phone, SIM.....

Manufacturer part number(MPN): Ez-One-C
List Price:$99.99     Lowest Price - $79.99

Ratings from expert review sites:


Product Features: Snapfon ezTWO is a simple and easy to use unlocked GSM cell phone for seniors. It has all the features that are must for a senior like SOS Button, Hearing Aid Compatible((M3/T3), speaking keypad, big buttons, Bluetooth enabled and enhanced volume and full color screen.It has decent battery with talk time 3-5 hours and 90-120 hours standby time.

Video-Snapfon ezTWO - Phone Overview

# Rank 2: 

Jitterbug Plus Cell Phone (Red).....

Manufacturer part number(MPN): SCH-R220ZRADYN
List Price:$99.99     Lowest Price - $66.84

Ratings from expert review sites:


Product Features: Jitterbug Plus is a perfect phone for someone who is looking for simple and easy to use phone. It has backlit keypad with big easy buttons to dial with bright color screen, One-touch access to an Operator.

Video-Jitterbug Plus Cell Phone Overview

# Rank 3: 

JUST5 J509 Easy to Use Unlocked Cell.....

Manufacturer part number(MPN): J509ORANGE
List Price:$119.99

Ratings from expert review sites:


Product Features: JUST5 J509 is a very good Unlocked GSM phone for seniors with big easy to use buttons and amplified sound. It has Personal Emergency Response System (PERS) and many other decent features that are used by a senior.

Video-Just5 Cell Phone review

# Rank 4: 

Clarity PAL Amplified Mobile Phone -.....

Manufacturer part number(MPN): 50901.000
List Price:$144.95     Lowest Price - $99.00

Ratings from expert review sites:


Product Features: Clarity PAL is a very good choice if you are looking for a senior cellphone. It has 2 inch LCD color screen with large, easy to use and read characters. It has adjustable tone control for a customized listening experience, high quality speaker and many other features for seniors.

Video-First Look: Hear loud and clear with Clarity Pal

# Rank 5: 

Alcatel 382G "The Big Easy" Prepaid .....

Manufacturer part number(MPN): TFALA382GDMP4SV
List Price:$39.99     Lowest Price - $9.99

Ratings from expert review sites:


Product Features: Alcatel 382G is a good phone from Tracphone for seniors. It has big easy to use buttons, hands Free speaker, voice mail, call waiting, caller ID and many other user friendly features.

Video-Alcatel A382 Easy to Use handset from Tracfone

Some other basic cell phones you can consider for seniors are:

Other Products: 

Doro 410 Burgundy (Consumer Cellular.....

Manufacturer part number(MPN): 410
List Price:$75.00

BLU T190 Tank Unlocked Quad-Band GSM.....

Manufacturer part number(MPN): 2-BLU-T190I-Q-BLU-01
List Price:$49.99

Samsung a157 GoPhone (AT&T).....

Manufacturer part number(MPN): 65376
List Price:$19.99     Lowest Price - $15.26

Ratings from expert review sites:


Video-Samsung SGH-A197 GoPhone Review (AT&T)

BLU T190i Tank Quad-Band GSM Phone w.....

Manufacturer part number(MPN): CP_R_171
List Price:$32.99     Lowest Price - $23.27

Jitterbug J Cell Phone (Graphite).....

Manufacturer part number(MPN): SPHA310DAA
List Price:$147.00     Lowest Price - $229.99