Best Chromebooks

Chromebooks are rapidly gaining popularity especially amongst the business class. More and more corporate officials and businessmen these days are shifting to this smart portable device to ensure faster and easier collaborations. Yes! Chromebooks are fast, easy to use and what’s even better is that they are available at an affordable price. Even the best of Chromebooks may be bought at a reasonable rate.

So if you too are intending to purchase a Chromebook and a best one at that then read on to find out about the specifications they come with.

A minimum 11.6 inches screen is what you may expect if you are looking for a top Chromebook. However, those of you who want to have a wider screen experience may grab a 14 inches Chromebook.

Chromebooks are equipped with Chrome operating system and the RAM size in the best of these systems may vary between 2 GB and 4 GB. While most of the top grade Chromebooks have a 16 or 32 GB hard drive, there are some that come with a 320 GB hard drive. These are lightweight devices to ensure easy portability. The weight of a Chromebook may be as low as 2.3 pounds however some top notch Chromebooks may weigh up to 4.19 pounds.

You may work on your Chromebook, play music and run different applications simultaneously without the fear of battery drainage. Some of the best Chromebooks offer a battery life of 8.5 hours. You may purchase a top Chromebook at just $199. The price range may vary based on the specifications and brand. Though most of these are available within a budget of $450.

You may create spreadsheets, documents or modify images on a Chromebook using Google apps. Different apps designed for these purposes are readily available on the Chromebook. The files in Chromebooks are saved in Google’s Cloud-based storage space and not on the system. However, they do have an inbuilt solid-state drive as well.

So if you are looking for better speed, built in security and easier access to various apps then a Chromebook is what you need to have! Keep the above mentioned points in mind as you shop for this new age device.

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Acer C720 Chromebook (11.6-Inch, 2GB.....

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Acer C710-2833 11.6-Inch Chromebook .....

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