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Coding, Programming – Developer Desktops

The best desktops for coding should have high processing power to run all programming IDE applications, database software, servers software, virtual machines and can install any operating system like Linux, Windows or Mac OS. The desktop monitor screen should be anti-glare and good on eyes for continuous long hours workings. For web development, we don’t need very high configuration desktops but for other kind of coding and development, we need very good configuration desktop.

Some following configuration we should look for in the best coding desktop:

1.) Core i7 processors with at least 3 GHz speed.
2.) At least 8GB RAM.
3.) At- least 500 GB hard- drive for storing coding software.
4.) Enough no. of ports.
5.) Choose a good quality anti-glare monitor.

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Top 5 desktops for coders and developers are given below:

# 1

# 2

# 3

# 4

# 5


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