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A television that may be best for your neighbor or friend may not be apt as per your requirement and vice versa. The definition of best varies widely based on your need and budget. Here, we shall discuss the features of different kinds of TVs available in the market to help you decide as to what is the best possible option to suffice your need.

There are four broad categories of televisions available in the market these days. These include the LCD TVs, LED TVs, Plasma and OLED. The technology used in these electronic gadgets varies to some extent thereby impacting the overall viewing experience.

LCD and LED TVs have been in the market since long and are two of the most preferred kinds of TVs. There isn’t much of a difference in the technology used in these two types of TVs. Both these kinds of TVs provide wide angle viewing and work equally well in well lit rooms. The only difference between these is the manner in which their screen is illuminated. LCD TV’s screen is lit with fluorescent lighting which is quite like the tube lights in your houses. It is lit from behind. On the other hand, LED TV is usually lit from the sides with the LED light strips. Apparently, LEDs do have an edge over the LCDs as the thin light strips used in the former offer comparatively better on-screen color and thinner screens. LEDs are also considered environment friendly as they utilize lesser power.

Now, though LCD and LED TVs have gained immense popularity, one drawback that the users have noticed is that their images usually blur in fast moving scenes. However, there are ways to lower down the blur effect.

If you are not hard pressed on money then you may even go for a Plasma TV. Though this type of TV is heavier than the aforementioned varieties of televisions, it is much better when it comes to picture quality; it offers excellent viewing experience. Unlike LEDs and LCDs, there is no blurring in Plasma. It also offers wider viewing angle as compared to LCD. While Plasmas may be better than the LCD and LED in various aspects but it isn’t as energy efficient. Another major drawback of Plasma is that it is not apt for brightly lit rooms. Yet another drawback is that you wouldn’t get Plasmas for lesser than 42 inches whereas LCDs are available in a variety of sizes. Plasmas are ideal for large rooms that are not well lit.

OLED is the latest type of TV; it runs on a new technology. This kind of television does not come with the conventional side or backlighting; it is self-illuminating. Since the OLEDs are not loaded with extra lights hence these are much slimmer and lighter. They offer an amazing viewing experience.

You also need to decide whether you wish to go for a 2D TV or a 3D TV. Many people these days are turning towards 3D televisions and are usually faced with the question that whether they should purchase passive 3D or active 3D. Well, an active 3D in plasmas is the best choice however that requires shelling out a huge amount. So if you aren’t willing to spend that much and are still keen on purchasing a 3D TV then you may go for 3D in LCD. LCDs also work well for those who use their television set for gaming purpose or often require connecting it with a PC.

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So consider all the mentioned factors to get to the TV that is best suited for you.

Top TVs are given below:

# 1

Samsung Electronics QN55Q6F 55-Inch

List Price: $1,499.99 USD
New From: $1,497.99 USD


# 2

Sony KDL32R300C 32-Inch

List Price: $214.99 USD


# 3

LG Electronics OLED65C6P Curved 65-Inch


# 4

Sceptre 40-inch LED Class

List Price: $369.99 USD
New From: $199.99 USD


# 5

TCL 49S405 49-Inch

List Price: $479.99 USD
New From: $349.99 USD