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7 things to consider when buying a new laptop:

Buying a laptop has become very convenient but if you are still stuck with which laptop to buy, then you must read on. Following are 7 points which will help you take an informed decision.

1. Define your need:

So why do you need a laptop? Business requirements? Do you need a huge data storage capacity? Are you a professional gamer? You might need a high end graphics card and processor. Or do you want to watch unlimited movies and play songs? A good picture/speaker quality is what you might look for. Or are you a traveler? Convenience might be on your mind then. Whatever be your profession, make sure you have your needs defined clearly because only then will you be able to take the next step in decision making.

2. Choose Operating System:

Although all operating systems today provide support to wide variety of applications, you still might have a preference for the particular operating system.
Most laptops come with pre-loaded Microsoft Windows Operating System. With its simple user interface and support to wide range of applications, it is a default choice of a novice buyer. It offers a wide range of products from regular laptops and notebooks to those with touch screens. Latest version is Windows 10 which comes in different editions like Home, Pro, Enterprise, etc. Your needs (and budget) will define your pick.

Another popular operating system is Mac OS developed by Apple Inc. Mac OS is comes with all MacBooks. Differing in interface from Windows, iPhone and iPad users will be more familiar with interface and comfortable using connectivity features of the MacBook. One key point to note is that all MacBooks come with keyboard and there is no touch screen feature available till date.

Chrome OS is an operating system developed at Google and is available with laptops such as Lenovo 100S Chromebook. It is a simple and easy to work with operating system but is limited in functionality and support. The main application is Google Chrome browser which can be used for all internet browsing activities. Along with a good battery life, Chromebooks are portable and comparatively inexpensive when compared to other laptops.

3. List down specifications:

Here’s what you need to look at while deciding on specifications:

1. Processor: They are the main task performing units of your system. It can be correlated to the speed with which your laptop performs an operation. Intel processors are predominant in the market. You can look out for Core i3, i5 or i7 processors. With Core i3 being prevalent in most of entry-level laptops, you will find Core i5 in most of the mainstream systems. Core i7 gives an unmatched speed and best performance out of the three but you should beware of large amount of heat produced by these laptops.

2. RAM: Random Access Memory provides space for the processor to perform its tasks. Higher the memory greater is the performance (multitasking) and speed of the laptop.

3. Storage: HDD -- Hard Disk Drive storage units take up huge space, making the laptops bulkier. SDD -- Solid State Drive are the lighter ones with comparatively higher performance and speed but you might then have to take a step back on storage capacity if you choose SDD.

4. Display: The most prevalent in the market are the displays with 1366 x 768 resolutions. Higher the resolution, greater is the clarity and picture quality. Full High Definition (Full HD) displays with 1920 x 1080 resolutions are bit more expensive but worthy components. Some laptop displays have resolution higher than those of full HD, giving sharp picture quality but at the same time they consume more power and are expensive as well.

5. Graphics card: If you are a gamer or a video editor, then a high performance graphics card is what you should look for. Nvidia and AMD have range of graphic chips available supporting wide variety of user needs.

6. DVD/Blu Ray Drives: If you need to read/write DVDs you will need DVD drive for that. Most recent laptops do not have built-in drives. However, you can use an external drive for the same purpose. Built-in DVD drives make the laptops bulky and hence it trades-off for convenience.

4. Check dimensions:

Portability is one big factor to consider when buying a laptop. With screen ranging from 11 inches to 18 inches, laptops vary in size and weight. Laptops with smallest screen size are light in weight and portable. Laptops with size ranging between 13 to 14 inches provide most benefits when it comes to weight and portability. 15 inches laptops are the most popular once but they are not very portable. Laptops with screen size greater than 17 inches are preferable if you plan to keep laptop on desk while working for most of the time. These laptops are ideal candidates for workstation systems or for playing high-end games.

5. Keyboard check:

A laptop must have good ergonomics. Check the keyboard for appropriate vertical and horizontal spacing between the keys. Key press should be distinct and convenient. Check for the capabilities of touchpad. Features like multi-touch and pinch to zoom are available in most laptops. Check for the motion and response of the cursor.

6. Consider brands and services:

Before buying any laptop check for the guarantee/warranty the company provides. Also check for the service centers in your locality. Timely support is necessary and hence you must make a note of this.

7. Battery life:

There are many variables which affect a battery life and back up. Screen brightness, tasks which are run, processor, usage, etc., affects the battery life and hence the manufacturer-quoted number is not indicative of capabilities of a laptop. You will get an idea of the battery life from the Watt-hours (Wh) or milliAmp-hours (mAh). The higher the number the longer battery will last.

These basic yet important points will help you take an informed decision on which laptop to buy. You might not find all features you need in a single laptop. In such situations or with budget restrictions, you may want to go back to the first point of this article and re-evaluate your needs.

Looking around to buy a brand new, feature rich, laptop meeting all specifications you need, but confused amid the large range of laptops? Different types of laptops catering different need are available in this technical world, but no need to worry about this more. Just make a note of the specifications you are looking for and then go with the list of best laptops, compare them, and get the best one.

Overall ratings for best laptops are based on price, ease of use and documentation, features, and warranty and support.

Find the top laptops at Amazon

Table - Top 5 laptops:

Rank Best laptops Price
#1 Apple MacBook Pro MLH32LL/A Laptop under 2300 dollars
#2 Razer Blade Laptop under 2100 dollars
#3 Microsoft Surface Book under 2100 dollars
#4 Acer Aspire VX 15 Gaming Laptop under 1000 dollars
#5 Newest HP Spectre x360 - 15t Laptop under 2000 dollars

Top 5 best laptops are given below:

# Rank 1: 

Apple MacBook Pro MLH32LL/A 15-inch .....

Manufacturer part number(MPN): MLH32LL/A
List Price:$2,169.99     Lowest Price - $1,900.00 Compare Prices >>

Ratings from expert review sites:


Video-Apple MacBook Pro 15 inch (Touch Bar): Unboxing & Review

# Rank 2: 

The Razer Blade (GeForce GTX 1060) 1.....

Manufacturer part number(MPN): RZ09-01953E72-R3U1
List Price:$2,099.99     Lowest Price - $1,999.99 Compare Prices >>

Ratings from expert review sites:


Product Features:

Processor:7th Gen Intel Core i7 2.8 GHz
Hard Drive:512GB PCIe SSD
Screen:14 inches
Weight:4.25 pounds
Graphics:NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060
OS:Windows 10
Battery Life:7.75 hours

Video-Razer Blade Review (late 2016, GTX 1060)

# Rank 3: 

Microsoft Surface Book (512 GB, 16 G.....

Manufacturer part number(MPN): CR7-00001
List Price:$2,699.00     Lowest Price - $1,650.75 Compare Prices >>

Ratings from expert review sites:


Video-Microsoft Surface Book Review

# Rank 4: 

Acer Aspire VX 15 Gaming Laptop, 7th.....

Manufacturer part number(MPN): VX5-591G-75RM
List Price:$1,049.99     Lowest Price - $999.00 Compare Prices >>

Ratings from expert review sites:


Product Features:

Processor:7th Generation Intel Core i7-7700HQ Processor (Up to 3.8GHz)
Hard Drive:256 GB SSD
Screen:15.6 inch Full HD
Weight:5.51 pounds
Graphics:NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050 Ti with 4 GB
OS:Windows 10
Battery Life:6 hours

Video-Acer Aspire VX15 VX5 gaming laptop - detailed overview and tests.

# Rank 5: 

HP Spectre x360 15.6 Inch Convertibl.....

Manufacturer part number(MPN): Z4Z37UA
List Price:$1,577.00     Lowest Price - $1,577.00 Compare Prices >>

Ratings from expert review sites:


Product Features:

Processor:Intel Core i7-7500U(2.7 GHz, up to 3.5 GHz, 4 MB cache)
Hard Drive:512 GB SSD
Screen:15.6 inch diagonal UHD
Weight:4.4 pounds
Graphics:NVIDIA GeForce 940MX (2GB DDR5 dedicated
OS:Windows 10
Battery Life:10.4 Hours

Video-HP Spectre x360 Review: Thin, Powerful, Perfect?

Best Laptops - Conclusion

The need for the best laptop is legitimate and above 5 laptops scale individual scores that are enough for you to make up your mind. Although the processor speeds may differ, each of these machines has an Intel Core i7 with 16GB RAM; a combination that’s known to blow away the benchmarks. You get 14 inches of display with a sufficient resolution, no matter which one you buy, to make sure you don’t fall short on screen size which is quite important if you have been planning to buy one for professional use. 256GB of SSD storage is the bottom line here, when it’s about ‘No compromising’ in terms of overall speed and transfer rate. Connectivity options are also abundant and each one has a Type C USB port which is bound to turn the tables when it comes to the future of USB technology. Irrespective of the type of GPU – in-built or dedicated – you can expect the graphical performance to be top notch.

On top of it, each one is trendy enough to fall for. But then there is still a difference between the top five 5 rankers and that difference comes from the type of utility, which indirectly affects ergonomics. Where on one hand, the HP Spectre is a more suitable for casual as well as professional usage, the Apple MacBook and the Surface Book would hang around more efficiently if used for official purposes. Far away from the official league, the Acer VX 15 and Razer Blade GTX 1060 belong to the category of the ones which can handle extensive graphical work and gaming as well.