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Thursday, May 18, 2017 - 16:25

When it comes to buy a netbook, never make a compromise with what you really want because today you can easily buy a netbook suiting to all your needs. As technology is being upgraded, a variety of netbooks are being launched with lots of amazing features, specifications, and that too in competitive prices. If you know what you have to do with the netbook then searching the best netbook will be easier than ever and if comparing a few of netbooks may really simplify the job.

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Top 5 best netbook are given below:

# Rank 1: 

ASUS Chromebook Flip C302 with Intel.....

Manufacturer part number(MPN): C302CA-DHM4
List Price:$469.99     Lowest Price - $386.99 Compare Prices >>

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Product Features:

Processor: Intel Core processor 2.2 GHz
Hard Drive:64 GB
Screen: 12.5 inch Full-HD
Weight:2.65 pounds
Graphics:Integrated graphics
Battery Life:10 Hours

Video-The Asus Chromebook Flip (C302CA-DHM4) Review

# Rank 2: 

2017 Lenovo Thinkpad Yoga 11.6 Inch .....

Manufacturer part number(MPN): 20GE0002US
List Price:$231.67     Lowest Price - $221.67 Compare Prices >>

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Product Features:

Processor:Intel Celeron N3150 (4C, 1.6 / 2.08GHz, 2MB)
Hard Drive:16 GB eMMC
Screen:11.6 inch HD Display
Weight:3.3 pounds
Graphics:Integrated graphics
OS:Chrome OS
Battery Life:6 hours

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# Rank 3: 

Acer Chromebook R 11 Convertible, 11.....

Manufacturer part number(MPN): CB5-132T-C1LK
List Price:$299.99     Lowest Price - $274.00 Compare Prices >>

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Video-Acer ChromeBook R11 Review and Comparison

# Rank 4: 

Premium High Performance Asus 13.3-i.....

Manufacturer part number(MPN): 7.43E+12
List Price:$229.00     Lowest Price - $229.00 Compare Prices >>

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Product Features:

Processor:Intel Celeron N3060 processor 1.60GHz (with Max Turbo Speed of 2.48GHz)
Hard Drive:32 GB eMMC.
Screen:13.3 inch display LED
Weight:3 pounds
Graphics:Intel HD Graphics 400
OS:Chrome OS
Battery Life:15 hours

# Rank 5: 

Samsung Chromebook Plus Convertible .....

Manufacturer part number(MPN): XE513C24-K01US
List Price:$449.99     Lowest Price - $397.99 Compare Prices >>

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Product Features:

Processor:ARM OP1
Hard Drive:32 GB
Screen:12.3 inches Touch screen
Weight:2.4 pounds
OS:Chrome OS
Battery Life:10 hours

Video-Samsung Chromebook Plus Review - The Best 2-in-1 Affordable Laptop

Best Netbook Computers - Conclusion

If you just went through the list of best netbook laptops, it would be safe to assume you need a laptop that’s light enough to carry and fast enough to surf the internet. There are different types of netbooks available in the market in various sizes, PR ratings and design. And to choose one, you need to prioritize your needs and then act. Usually you have Celeron processor in these kinds of laptops because you don’t need a lot of computing here. Asus Flipbook C302CA is the only laptop in this category with an Intel Core m3 processor. Additionally, for spectacular file management, it has 64 GB SSD storage and 4GB RAM for a spectacular performance. But the best thing about it is that it is 360 degree convertible and for obvious reasons, it comes with a touchscreen. Another R-series touchscreen variant with 360 degree convertibility is the Acer Chromebook R11. Clearly, Acer has played smart about it by giving away Chrome OS with this laptop, which works optimally even with marginal specifications. Lenovo also has a spot on the list with its Thinkpad Yoga 11.6” touchscreen laptop with convertibility and sort of stands neck to neck at performance with the Asus Premium High Performance Chromebook with a 13.3” screen. And while the Thinkpad comes with 16GB SSD, the Asus Chromebook has a 32GB SSD; remaining specs are comparable.