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The best projectors under $500 are entry level to intermediate level projectors with very good features like around 3000 lumens brightness, decent contrast ratio, SVGA to WXGA resolutions, 3D ready or 3D, HDMI support and many latest features. Most of them are LCD and DLP very compact size projectors. Some very good quality pico projectors are also available in this price range. Epson, BenQ, InFocus, VeiwSonic and LG are the well-known brands for sub $500 price projectors. These projectors are easy to use and set-up and can be used for halls and conference rooms business, office presentations, movies and gaming.

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Here we have listed the top projectors under $500 on the basis of many customers reviews and ratings, latest projector features and quality, projectors expert review site ratings and projectors price in between $400 to $500.

Top 5 projectors under 500 dollars are given below:

# 1

WOWOTO H8 Video Projector

List Price: $699.00 USD
New From: $399.00 USD


# 2

WOWOTO T8E Full HD Mini Portable Projector

List Price: $759.00 USD
New From: $518.00 USD


# 3

Epson VS355 WXGA-3 300-lumens color brightness(color light output)

List Price: $459.99 USD
New From: $459.38 USD


# 4

Flare150 Digital Art Projector by Artograph

List Price: $415.51 USD
New From: $399.00 USD


# 5

PIQS TT Virtual Touch Portable Projector

List Price: $549.00 USD
New From: $549.00 USD

Best Projectors Under $500 – Conclusion:

Ready to spend up to $500 for the projector you always wanted? Great! Here are some projectors that are absolutely worth it.

AAXA M5 Mini portable projector is quite suitable for use while travelling. It is so small that it fits your pocket but so big on performance. With 900 lumens brightness, this DLP projector throws an image with 1280 x 800 resolution up to 150” and stays up for at least 70 minutes. HDMI, Mini VGA, micro SD and AV inputs are some of the options to extend the experience. Another cassette size projector in this range is the Celluon Pico Video projector with an HD 1280 x 720 resolution and widescreen 1920 x 720 as well, for sheer cinematic pleasure. 63ANSI Laser Projection with an 80000:1 Contrast Ratio makes this DLP projector an amazing choice for movie buffs. Another good thing about the machine is that it is smart as it runs on Android 5.1 and has a USB Type-C charging port. Instead of manual controls, the Celluon Pico features touch interface to make it more convenient for you to operate.

Among the larger projectors, ViewSonic PJD5555 with DLP technology is one of the most optimal projectors at this price. Featuring a 3300 ANSI Lumen count, this projector launches a bright picture meekly balanced by its 20000:1 Dynamic Contrast ratio on a 1280 x 800 resolution. The PowerLite X27 by Epson on the list is quite affordable and extends your experience beyond the small display panels. 2700 Lumen count for environments with daylight is enough and 10000:1 Contrast ratio makes sure the grayness is off the picture. None of these projectors support MHL, so you cannot smartphones with these projectors.