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Vizio is known for manufacturing some of the best LED and LCD models. The best of these televisions are not only apt for TV viewing purpose but also offer a great gaming experience. So, in case you have been looking for a flat panel TV to enjoy your favorite video games then you have quite a few Vizio TVs to choose from.

In order to enjoy your games to the fullest, it is recommended to go for a Vizio LED TV with a screen size not below 50 inches. If you have enough budget to lay hands on a 3D TV from the brand then your gaming experience would get even better. The best of these televisions offer rich colors, vivid details and come with a response time of 6ms or even low. Such low response time allows you to enjoy fast-paced action/ speed games without even the slightest of motion blurring.

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Our collection below shall acquaint you with the Best of Vizio TVs that are especially apt for gaming. You may read the specific features they come with and pick a suitable one for yourself.

Top Vizio TVs for gaming are given below:

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VIZIO 50-Inch 4K Smart LED TV M50-E1 (2017)
19 Reviews

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