Best Cell Phone With Radio

Best Cell Phone With Radio – Buying Guide

Gone are the days when cell phones were used for the sole purpose of making and receiving calls. That was the time when cell phones were just launched with limited features. After a few years, cell phones started supporting text messaging and then after a continuous evolution now we have cell phones with radio support.

Today, almost all cell phones have radio support, as people love to listen to the radio. In fact, people of all age listen to the radio, as programs that come on the radio are full of fun and entertainment. From news to music sessions to cricket commentary to interviews of stars, you can have almost every program that you enjoy on television. When there were no televisions, radios were used by people for entertainment, and now those radios have become an essential part of a cell phone.

If you need the best cell phone with radio then you can easily get one around $90 or more. In fact, companies like Motorola, HTC, Nokia, LG, etc. have the cell phone with the radio under $90 but then you will only be able to listen to a radio that too using handsfree. You will not get some tremendous features like listening radio without connecting handsfree, self-detection of radio frequency, faster detection of radio frequency, best voice quality, support for more channels, and recording. Yes, among all other features, recording programs is the feature that people love the most because on a radio you often listen to songs of older days, which are not easily available in the music library as well.

With the use of recording feature, you can record your favorite track as well and listen that anytime you want, because that will be stored in the memory of your phone. And, from there, you can transfer that to external memory if your phone supports microSD card, through Bluetooth, or any other way that your phone supports.

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Top cell phones under $100 with radio are given below:

# 1

BLU Studio X8 HD - 5.0' GSM Unlocked...
2,149 Reviews

BLU Studio X8 HD - 5.0" GSM Unlocked...

    # 2

    Product on Sale
    Alcatel Verso 5044C | (16GB, 2GB RAM) |...
    294 Reviews

    Alcatel Verso 5044C | (16GB, 2GB RAM) |...

      # 3

      Nokia 2 - Android - 8GB - Dual SIM...
      624 Reviews

      Nokia 2 - Android - 8GB - Dual SIM...

        # 4

        No products found.

        # 5

        Samsung Galaxy J2 Prime (16GB) 5.0' 4G...
        900 Reviews

        Samsung Galaxy J2 Prime (16GB) 5.0" 4G...


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