Best Projectors Under $800

Best Projectors Under $800 – Buying Guide

Buying the best projector under 800 dollars gives you two options to choose from. One is DLP projectors and second are LCD projectors. Whereas LCD projectors are lighter than DLP projectors, you may find that DLP projectors are good for as the fixed installation projectors. So, it totally depends upon your need. For example, if you are looking for a projector to be installed in a big hall or a home theatre then DLP is the best one. On the other hand, if you want a projector, which you may want to use at different locations, then LCD will be a good choice.

Apart from the size, weight, and set up procedure, the best projector under 800 dollars comes with some great features that encompass high contrast ratio, good ANSI lumen, at least 1280×800 native resolution, full HD support, lens shift, and longer lamp life. The latter two, lens shift and longer lamp life are two important points to be considered. Lens shift makes it easier to set the projection without moving the projector and the longer lamp life gives you an idea of next expense on the projector. The long life means a longer gap between the next expenses on the projector.

The best projectors under $800 are Full HD 1080p quality, 3d/3D-Ready technology, HDMI port wireless projectors. Most of the projectors in this range are 3LCD or DLP with around 3500 lumens brightness, very good contrast ratio, easy to set up features, compatible with PC and Mac and can be used for all-purpose projections like for gaming, movies, office, schools, and business.

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Here we have compiled the list of top projectors on the basis of many expert review sites and Amazon customer reviews and ratings, projectors price in between $700 to $800 and many latest features of projectors.

The Best 5 Projectors under $800 are:

# 1

Optoma HD39HDR High Brightness HDR Home...
394 Reviews

Optoma HD39HDR High Brightness HDR Home...

    Optoma HD39HDR High Brightness HDR Home Theater Projector is a high definition R10 projector that very well supports 4K technology and gives a more brighter and clearer view available at a price that’s worth its cost and this comes under $800. Its gaming mode has been upgraded with fast response time to make the gaming experience better than before ie. 8.4ms with a refresh rate of 120Hz. HD39HDR supports 4K input to give better visuals than before supported by a contrast ratio of 50000:1 giving sharp and colorful images in HD format but this 6 segment color wheel produces accurate color for giving beautiful picture resolution. The Optoma has got a long lamp life of up to 15000 hours that gives 10hours of average usage per day. It is also loaded with great connecting features that give access to all the entertainment apps one can use over the internet for their entertainment.  The zoom featured in this HD39HDR is a 1.3x large zoom along with the automatic keystone correction for delivering a perfect rectangular wide image in HD quality.

    This is an ideal purchase for family entertainment whether indoor or outdoor with perfect sound and clarity. It also displays full 3D content, from any 3D source at a refresh rate of 120Hz without any obstacles or much effort. So this amazingly designed smart projector is a perfect buying option for your inhouse home theatre and also gives great results if used at work as well costs under $800.

    # 2

    REXING PRD615 Smart Home Projector 750...
    1 Reviews

    REXING PRD615 Smart Home Projector 750...

      A perfect home theatre that gives you a great home theatre experience with its stunning projection that has a high-quality resolution with an incredible throw ratio of up to 1:2:1. It comes with in-built 3W Stereo Speakers that help in delivering lag-free performance, giving the users a great experience. The Autofocus function works faster and automatically calculated the distance to give clear imaging. It also gives a classy 3D movie experience that gives perfect gaming exposure to the users. So, overall this Rexing PRD15 is a perfect smart device that has been configured with the 750ANSI Lumens clarity along with the autofocus to give incredible views. And in addition to all the above, it comes with connecting options like HDMI, Wifi, Autofocus, Duo USB, and Miracast.

      # 3

      Product on Sale
      BenQ HT2150ST 1080P Short Throw...
      830 Reviews

      BenQ HT2150ST 1080P Short Throw...

        The BenQ, in terms of connectivity, leads again with its picture quality. HT2150ST is designed as a short-throw projector in Full HD quality which delivers crisp and clear colors. A perfect unit that comes with rich colors and great projection skills. It delivers a maximum projection size of up to 300-inches, from a distance of up to 3 ft. BenQ does have multiple gaming modes, that give you a smooth and comprehensive gaming experience. Easy installation skills with a vertical keystone correction and 1.2x zooming skills. So, this is an amazing buying option in this category. It has great cinematic qualities, with a Rec. 709 color qualities in addition to the 6x color quality. All the advanced features in this give tremendous treasure and add-on a perfect partner for your professional and personal use. Either you can use it for presentations at work or can be used as a full-size screen for gaming and watching videos. 

        # 4

        Epson PowerLite 2142W LCD Projector -...
        1 Reviews

        Epson PowerLite 2142W LCD Projector -...

          Epson PowerLite projects stunning ultra-bright images and videos, with a rear projection. A ceiling-mounted projector comes with a front projection that delivers incredible audio and videos that wows the experience of the old day's projection. You can make your own home theatre with the kind of in-built qualities and gives a lag-free experience. Its perfect focus quality, gives a great projection angle, that too from a far distance. It also has 3D technology, that gives Fully immersed 3D movies and games that give you and your family a treat to watch. Comes with great connectivity skills with any of the external devices like Laptop, PC, Tablets, Blue-ray DVD player, SD card, USB Flash Drive or duo HDMI ports. Another best fit projector in this category is designed with all the smart features.

          # 5

          InFocus IN138HD DLP 1080p 4000 Lumens,...
          19 Reviews

          InFocus IN138HD DLP 1080p 4000 Lumens,...

            InFocus IN138HD is also a projector in this list that comes with a  smart resolution of up to 1080p in combination with the 500: 1 contrast ratio in combination with the ANSI of up to 4000 lumens that give life-like colors. It has great compatibility which gives access to Google Chromecast, Intel computer stick, Fire TV stick, or other Fire devices. It also has a long lamp life of up to 15,000 hours when used in dynamic mode. One of the best leading designs and technology comes your way that has a noise-free design with smooth flow fan technology, and with great cooling effects. This is a ceiling-mounted projector, that delivers great performance at a low cost with a long-lasting life. Also has great compatibility with all kind of external resources one would work for.

            Best Projectors Under $800 – Conclusion

            Shuffling projectors costing up to $800 means you are quite serious about the content quality you are going to be served with. And the above five projectors hopefully are the best in this range. Starting with projectors having 4000 lumens and above, we have three such entertainers here: Optoma HD39HDR, and InFocus IN138HD are the ones with great compatibility skills. Comparing all these projectors you will find that one among fortunately this lot , all three have 1080p resolution to deliver quite an unblemished picture quality.

            The Optoma HD39HDR, in terms of connectivity, leads with the 4K technology that supports smartphones. The PJD7836HDL does has great clarity and display. The Rexing PRD165, a 3D picture is what you prefer, then except the BenQ HT2150ST are the ones for you. As per the Contrast ratio, of 1:2:1. That said, the Epson PowerLite has an no Short Throw but again has a 3D projection which makes it ideal for gaming and other tasks. The Infocus IN138HD projectors respectively, have a relatively lesser Lumen count of 4000ANSI. But even this much should be enough to avail you with quite a bright picture in dim-light conditions. Connectivity in all of these projectors is as usual and features HDMI/USB Type A/mini USB/VGA, at least.

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