Samsung RU7100 LED Smart 4K UHD TV Review

It is a good 4k TV, and the successor to the very popular NU7100 from last year. It is also available in a wide range of sizes from 43 inches up to 75 inches. We can expect these other sizes to have a very similar picture quality.

It is also available in many other regions with the same RU7100 model code, and we expect these international variants to also offer the same performance. Typically there are only minor differences like the supported voltage or tuner to suit these different regions.

The design of the RU7100 is excellent. It looks very similar to last year’s NU7100, with only a few subtle differences which we’ll go over. The single control button is located under the Samsung logo at the front of the TV and provides basic functions just like the Q60R. The wide-set plastic stand supports the TV well but does require quite a large table. The borders of the TV have an average thickness and look good.

Moving around to the side of the TV, the TV is quite thin so it has a relatively low profile close to the wall if you mount it. The rear of the TV has a textured plastic finish which looks good, and there are channels along the bottom of the TV for cable management, similar to other new Samsungs. There are also clips on the rear of the stand to keep these cables out of sight which is a nice touch. Interestingly, the analog composite and component inputs don’t require an adapter this year. You can use these to connect to older devices.

A high contrast ratio is important for those who watch in the dark, for the TV to produce deep and detailed dark scenes. The RU7100 has a VA type panel with a very high native contrast which is excellent. This is about the same as the NU7100 from last year and allows the TV to produce deep blacks, which is great for those who watch in the dark. This is better than TVs with IPS panels like the LG UK7700.

Unfortunately, though, this TV doesn’t have local dimming to improve the dark scene performance further. This is quite normal for these lower-end 4k models though and tends to be a distinguishing feature with mid-range and high-end TVs. As typical for TVs with VA-type panels, the RU7100 doesn’t perform well and the blacks raise off-axis and the gamma shifts.

If you have a bright room, then good reflection handling is important to reduce the amount of glare on the screen. The RU7100 has a decent performance in a bright room. It should be fine for most rooms, but in a bright room, this may be limiting. Now, another important factor for those in a bright room is the brightness of the TV. A high peak brightness allows it to effectively overcome glare. Don’t worry about the TV being too bright though, as you can turn down the backlight to suit your room. At about 270 nits for large white windows, the RU7100 has a decent peak brightness, which is in the same ballpark as the NU7100 from last year. It should be fine for most rooms but in a very bright room, this may be limiting.

The center of the screen is relatively uniform, however, there is a darker region in the bottom third which produces a uniformity issue known as the dirty screen effect. This can be distracting when large areas of a similar color show, such as for gaming or watching sports. This is about the same as the NU7100 from last year, and better than the TCL 6 Series which was notorious for having uniformity issues that vary significantly between units. There isn’t too much blur when watching sports or playing games. This blur is visible as a darker trail to the left-hand side of our logo photo. Also visible in the photo are logo duplications, which are a result of the 240 hertz PWM flicker of the TV.

Now if you do plan to game then a low input lag is important to reduce the delay between something that occurs in-game and when you see it on the screen. The good news is the RU7100 is exceptionally quick, with about 11 milliseconds of input lag at 60 hertz regardless of the input resolution. This is excellent and can make this TV well suited for fast-paced gamers. This TV also supports the auto low latency mode feature, so a game console like a new Xbox can trigger the TV to automatically enable low input lag when you open a game.

Samsung TVs, this TV has a Tizen smart platform. It works well, however, this TV uses a slimmed-down version with fewer animations. Unlike higher-end Samsung models, there is no smart remote so there’s also no voice control. Overall, it is decent and should be fine for most people. The RU7100 performs almost identical to the NU7100 and can get decently loud but it may not be enough for large or noisy environments. It can’t produce deep bass but can produce clear dialog. If you care about sound then it may be worth getting a soundbar in addition.

So overall, the RU7100 is a decent budget 4k TV from Samsung. Not a lot has changed from the Samsung 7 series for a few years, and this TV is no exception. It offers very similar picture quality performance to the NU7100 from last year. The input lag is a few milliseconds lower and it supports auto low latency mode for gamers, but otherwise it is almost the same TV.

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