Best Laptop For Basic Documents And Spreadsheets

Best Laptop For Basic Documents And Spreadsheets – Buying Guide

Laptops are the basic requirements for every individual in today’s scenario. Be it a student or a professional, laptops are needed by everyone, for some or all of their works. Laptops, basically, run the world. Laptops are used for completing various tasks by various individuals; some may use it for entertainment whereas for some it may be their source of income.

The best laptop for basic documents and spreadsheets must have the following desired characteristics:

• A great processor that can keep up with the amount of work that is done on the laptop. Intel Core i3 or i5 processors are the best for basic functions like internet browsing, documents, spreadsheet, etc. These processors are one of the best in the market and can be used for heavy workloads.
• Good RAM: Around 4 GB RAM is the best for basic documents and spreadsheets. Along with the RAM, the laptop must have good internal storage options, most laptops come with 500 GB to 1 TB internal storage and many ports for auxiliary storage devices that can be used with the laptop in times of need.
• The battery life of the laptop should be good enough to keep up with the amount of work that is being done on the laptop. Most laptops come with the battery life of 6 to 8 hours with heavy usage.

Laptops must be bought with serious considerations of all the specifications of the laptop and the quality of work that has to be performed on it.

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Top 5 laptops for basic documents and spreadsheets are given below:

# 1

No products found.

# 2

Lenovo Ideapad Premium 15.6 Inch Laptop...
132 Reviews

Lenovo Ideapad Premium 15.6 Inch Laptop...

    Positive / Critical Customer Reviews:

    Slow & No Battery Life, Lags
    I bought this laptop because I needed a more reliable one for school work. My old..
    Benchmarking app is a most for this Laptop but I am tight on cash so I love this thing.
    [UPDATE: downloaded updates on its own. Fixed a lot of problems like overheating ..
    Gerardo Munoz
    Lenovo Laptop
    I love my new laptop. The Lenovo comes up quickly, goes to places quickly, and i..
    Freda Maxson

    Video -Lenovo 2019 15.6" HD Laptop Computer, AMD A6-9225 2.6GHz, DVDRW, 802.11ac WiFi, Bluetooth, USB 3.0,

    # 3

    Acer Aspire E 15, 15.6' Full HD, 8th Gen...
    3,154 Reviews

    Acer Aspire E 15, 15.6" Full HD, 8th Gen...

      Positive / Critical Customer Reviews:

      Easy upgrade, solid performer.
      I've found three real cons for this laptop:1. The screen isn't the best, but it i..
      Kindle Customer
      Fast Value Laptop with Washed Out Screen
      SUMMARYThe E 15 is a fast computer with plenty of ports and great battery life, b..
      Nerd Alert
      Exceeds expectations for the price
      Bought this as a gift for my dad.. he just needed something to surf the web and p..

      Video -Acer Aspire E15 Review 2019! - The Best Budget Laptop For $300!

      # 4

      Dell Inspiron 15 Intel Core i3-7130U 8GB...
      201 Reviews

      Dell Inspiron 15 Intel Core i3-7130U 8GB...

        Positive / Critical Customer Reviews:

        My opinion
        I returned this product due to what I would consider lack of research on my end. ..
        Arrived On Time and Good Condition
        I am an iMac person and purchased this computer to run a couple of applications t..
        A very good basic laptop
        I bought this laptop for school and was very pleased with it. It dose have one hi..

        Video -Dell Inspiron 15 Intel Core i3-7130U

        # 5

        2019 ASUS 14' Premium High Performance...
        369 Reviews

        2019 ASUS 14" Premium High Performance...

          Positive / Critical Customer Reviews:

          A disappointing waste of my time and money.
          There is no conceivable reason for a laptop in 2019 to not only sound, but have t..
          Would be great for a younger kid but it doesn't operate very fast
          I purchased this laptop to run one single task for the entirety of its life. Inst..
          Buyer Beware
          Rarely do I ever post reviews unless warranted. Asus should never have sold or p..
          Prime Customer

          Video -Asus X441BA Laptop - Upgrade Ram Memory & Harddrive SSD HDD - Disassembly

          Some other top laptops for basic documents and spreadsheets are given below:

          Lenovo 17.3″ HD+ High-Performance Laptop

          The new Lenovo Ideapad flaunts a very modest design with an unblemished gray theme applied all over uniformly. The building material used is plastic but the laptop feels quite rugged. It weighs around 6.6 lbs and is 1inch thin. You get a full-sized keyboard with this laptop. Windows 10, is the most viable choice, has been included with the package.

          17.3” energy efficient LED-backlit display makes up for sharp video output and better battery life. Intel HD Graphics 520 integrated GPU makes the best use of the competent display. Do wonders with the powerful 6th Gen Intel Core i5-6200U processor with 2.3 GHz (up to 2.8 GHz) and always stay a step ahead. To team up with the processor in the optimum way possible, an 8 GB DDR3L RAM has been installed. With the 1TB SATA hard drive, forget worrying about storage space issues. Battery life is quite satisfactory with a 4-hours run time.

          Other features include: 802.11 ac WiFi, Bluetooth 4.0, HD Webcam, HDMI port, VGA port, 1 x USB 3.0, 2 x USB 2.0, 4-in-1 card readers, DVD +/- RW and more.

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