Best Projectors Under $1200

Best Projectors Under $1200 – Buying Guide

With the increase in the price of the projector, its features increase as well while offering you the best picture quality even in the room with some light, as with the increase in the price, the level of contrast ration and brightness increases as well. More contrast ratio ensures the best picture quality even on a wider screen while the more brightness gives you space for some light in the room, as it is the case of meeting rooms. Whereas you can have complete darkness in a home theatre, you cannot expect the same in a meeting room; there has always been some space for light in the meeting room. And, if the brightness is less then it will be hard for the users to view and understand the presentation due to lack of readability. However, with the best projector under 1200 dollars, you can ensure the best readability even in the room with some light.

Apart from contrast ration and high brightness, you get full HD format support, which lets you enjoy movies, play HD games, etc. with less noise. You can choose the best projector under 1200 dollars from brands like Epson, Dell, Optoma, etc.

The best projectors under $1200 are the latest Full HD projectors with excellent picture quality, DLP or 3LCD technology, high contrast ratio, around 3500 lumens brightness, Full 3D, HDMI port, WXGA or XGA resolutions, PC and Mac compatibility, wireless features, built-in speakers and easy to setup.

Find the best projectors under 1200 dollars at Amazon

Here we have compiled the list of top projectors under $1200 on the basis of Amazon customer reviews, many expert reviews and projectors price in between $1000 to $1200. These projectors are very good for gaming, movies, home theatre and business. Some of the top manufacturers of these projectors are Optoma, InFocus, Epson and Casio.

Top 5 projectors under 1200 dollars are given below:

# 1

ViewSonic True 4K Projector with 3500...
369 Reviews

ViewSonic True 4K Projector with 3500...

    Positive / Critical Customer Reviews:

    Budget 4K projector with budget quality image
    Picked this projector up on a $999 woot deal - seemed too good to be true....and ..
    Best bang for the buck 4K projector!
    I have done a lot of research on the new 4K UHD projectors launched this year. Mo..
    Px-747 - Good product with some defects.
    I originally was undecided between the px727 and px747 because they have similar ..

    Video -The ViewSonic PX747-4K Definitive Review - Best Amazon Budget 4K Projector

    # 2

    BenQ TK800 4K UHD Home Theater Projector...
    151 Reviews

    BenQ TK800 4K UHD Home Theater Projector...

      # 3

      Optoma GT5600 Ultra Short Throw Gaming...
      123 Reviews

      Optoma GT5600 Ultra Short Throw Gaming...

        # 4

        LG HF65LA Ultra Short Throw LED Home...
        135 Reviews

        LG HF65LA Ultra Short Throw LED Home...

          # 5

          InFocus IN3148HD 1080p 5000 Lumen...
          19 Reviews

          InFocus IN3148HD 1080p 5000 Lumen...


            Some other top projectors under 1200 dollars are given below:

            Optoma EH500 projector
            To begin with, $1200 is a big sum when it comes to projectors and must have the same kind of return on investment. You can expect the best type of visual quality in this range with additional tweaks that saves you the complexity of setting up the device. But as we talk about, there is this projector that costs nearly a third of the upper ceiling but offers the same rich and exorbitant experience; it’s none other than Optoma EH500 we’re talking about.

            This projector has a native resolution of 1080p which supports up to 1920 X 1200 without noticeably losing its sharpness. Though, it might not be suitable for short range projection as it has a Throw Ratio of 1.59 – 1.91:1. Usually, a brightness of 4700 lumens is brilliantly prominent for large screen applications at home or office but is too bright on eyes at the same time. To make sure the image doesn’t seem washed out, a contrast ratio of 10000:1 is what this projector has. And the result of the combination of these stats is apparent enough, even in dim light. The best-in-class Texas Instruments 3D DLP projection with BrilliantColor technology produces a bedazzling image that’s as lively as it can get. And the indigenous multi-color processing system with a six-segment color wheel retains saturation so that every color seems sufficiently segregated. The Green design aims to achieve energy efficiency with a power usage of less than a watt and the standby mode does even more. Lamp life, which is a decisive factor in buying a projector, is between 2500 and 3500 hours on economy mode and standard mode respectively.

            3-year Optoma Express service for the projector and 1-year warranty on the lamp is a sign of dedicated customer service that has won Optoma a customer base in the market, despite having rivals as big as BenQ, Sony, Canon and more. In a nutshell, it’s one of the projectors under $1200which offers more than your expectations.
            Epson PowerLite Home Cinema 8345 Projector
            Epson stands as a successful name in the market because of the promising performance of its products. They come with another such promising product with a 2000 lumens color brightness and the company’s 3LCD 3chip technology that offers a life-like picture clarity and display. It comes with 2 HDMI ports with 1080p picture quality to give never seen before gaming and movie experience. Epson’s E-TROL lamp saves energy and delivers the optimum picture.

            It has a 25000:1 contrast ratio to give a crystal-clear image with a cinematic experience at home. It can project a sharp image up to 300”. It also has a USB thumb drive compatibility. It gives a stunning picture uniformity with a 2.1x zoom ratio.

            It has a high-speed auto iris, which adjusts light output as fast as 60 times per second. The company offers a 1-year part and labour warranty which is the cherry on the cake.
            Optoma W306ST WXGA 3500 Lumen DLP Projector
            This is the perfect companion for the customers looking for a projector for classrooms and conference rooms. It has an unparalleled large, clear, easy to read text and graphics display from a short distance. It has high energy efficiency and thus cost-efficient. It is easy to operate and so is user-friendly.

            It offers a 3500 ANSI lumens bright display with a 15000:1 contrast ratio. The short design minimizes shadows and thus offer optimum performance. It has improved lamp life and the Texas Instrument’s DLP produces an accurate and vibrant image on a screen. This projector can also fulfill the requirements of gamers and movie lovers because of its sharp and focused image and it is reliable. It has automatic shutdown and remote management to save energy and make it easy to handle.
            Epson PowerLite 1776W Projector
            This product by Epson is light and is easy to carry because of its small size. It has a bright 3000 lumens color output with a WXGA resolution of 16:10.

            It is Windows and Mac compatible and has easy to plug-in HDMI input. It has a unique feature of wireless connection and a quick connect USB key. It is easy to setup and adjusts. Having a low power consumption makes it last longer and slim design makes it user-friendly. This is ideal for widescreen applications and display HD images and videos.

            It has a 4000 hours lamp life and a 1.2x optical zoom to fit in for small or large rooms. The wireless function eliminates the use of bulky cables and a messy line to connect the projector, simply plug-in and go make it a stand out in the segment.

            Best Projectors Under $1200 – Conclusion

            You can totally trust our list of best under $1200 projectors because we have included projectors of different types and utilities. And if it’s all about brand power for you, this list contains only the best ones from the industry.

            The thing about LG is that when it does it, it makes sure the outcome is premium. Coming up with LG PF1000UW Ultra Short Throw projector is one such example. The projector has 1000ANSI Lumens and a grand 150,000:1 Contrast ratio which means although the projector has to be used indoors, but the quality is premium whatsoever. Besides, it is one smart projector which uses webOS 3.0 on LG’s Smart TV platform offering numerous smart functions. Ultra Short Throw of 60” Image at 5” distance, offered by this projector sets it a class apart and only few projectors in the world can do that. Wireless connectivity to Smart TV and Sound output via Bluetooth are enough for one to consider this projector, a viable option.

            For 3D projection, we have BenQ HT3050 and Acer H7550 STz on the list, both of which are DLP projectors. And while the BenQ is equipped with cinema standard REC. 709 color production and RGBRGB Color wheel for superior picture quality. Its 1080p picture with 2200 Lumens and 10000:1 Contrast ratio accompanied by CinemaMaster Audio with 20W speakers is all that you need for the perfect home theatre. And regarding connectivity, it supports MHL, HDMI and all the other conventional sources.

            However, for wireless connectivity, the Acer H7550 STz is here for you, which ditches the wiry mess. With an ability to throw picture at a relatively shorter distance from the screen, this projector is what you need to have for your packed living room or for extreme gaming. And as we talk about gaming, the DTS Surround sound channelized through 20W speakers adds another star to your experience. Featuring 3000ANSI Brightness and 20000:1 Dynamic Contrast Ratio, this projector’s technical specs speak for themselves. The best of Epson in this category are Epson Home Cinema 3100 and Epson PowerLite EMP535W. Like most of the Epson projectors, these two as well use 3LCD projection for sharp and vibrant images. Coming on to Epson Home Cinema 3100; this projector has 2600 ANSI lumens of Brightness and 60,000:1 Dynamic Contrast ratio, which is quite enough for low-lit and dark environments. Full HD picture is what this projector boasts of and the Epson Image Enhancement Technology enhances details like anything!

            Epson PowerLite EMP535W has 3400 lumens of brightness and a 1280 x 800 Widescreen image; typically good for movies. Its Short Throw ability makes it good for even gaming on its 16:10 format. And for connectivity, the projector has USB Type A and B, HDMI, MHL, RS 232, VGA, S-video, LAN and SD card slot.

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