Best Projectors Under $250

Best Projectors Under $250 – Buying Guide

The best projectors under $250 budget are mini and pico pocket projectors. These projectors are very portable and easy to use and set-up. Most of the pico pocket projectors are equipped with Wifi technology wireless connection which supports the popular cellphones, tablets, and laptops and easy project the content from these devices. These projectors can be used anywhere for basic projection needs.

The top projectors under 250 dollars are the best fit for use at home and in small offices for giving powerpoint presentations to a small group of people on a screen size of around 70 to 100 inches. With easy to setup features, the projectors under 250 dollars are available from brands, such as Optoma, Acer, Epson, 3M, View Sonic, AAXA Technologies, and many more. Whereas we cannot expect a lot from the projector at this price range, we are being offered a pretty good set of features that make the experience really good on a screen size of 100 inches.

Whether you want to watch family photographs or want to watch a movie on a bigger screen than your 32” LCD, the best projector under 250 dollars is the best fit. Some of the brands offer a contrast ratio of up to 3000:1 while the minimum resolution provided is 640 x 480. Some of the brands even provide higher resolution and HDTV format support up to 720p. The best thing is you can buy a DLP or LCD projector rather than just limiting you with DLP.

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Here we have listed the top projectors under $250 on the basis of Amazon customer reviews and ratings, projectors price between $200 to $250.

Top 5 projectors under 250 dollars are given below:

# 1

7500Lumens Native 1080P 4K Projector,...
554 Reviews

7500Lumens Native 1080P 4K Projector,...

One of the top-rated Projectors under the price of $250, is from Dr. J Professional’s brand and model no. AK-30. Projector AK-30 has the highest brightness quality which helps in a clear view of what you see in either day or night wherever you are is also not a challenge that means it gives you an amazing home theatre. The AK-30 Projector has got various specifications with a contrast ratio of 8000:1, and a screen resolution of 1920*1080 giving ultra-clear video quality. If we talk about the projection size and distance, it’s display size varies from 50” and may go up to 300” from a distance of 30ft. Can be easily connected with other devices via connectivity options like HDMI, AV, USB, TF, Audio out ports with any of the other devices like TV Stick, Laptop, Sound Bar, PS4, XBOX, Blue-ray DVD Players and Smartphones, etc. This LCD Projector has been upgraded with the LED light quality that does not affect the eyes of the users and doesn’t stress their eyes. Dr. J Professional’s designed this smart projector with 5 layer LCD and has been given LED lights along with the 10-bit Gamma correction giving the users a wonderful video experience.

This AK-30 is a user-friendly projection which can be used for a board room meeting, classrooms, home-theatre for home and outdoors. And most importantly its Keystone correction angle is 15 Degrees with a long-lasting Lamp Life of 50000 Hrs. So a smart buying option at a price under $250.

# 2

Projector for Outdoor Movies, vamvo...
193 Reviews

Projector for Outdoor Movies, vamvo...

The VAMVO L6200 Projector is another best buying option that can be purchased under a cost that is under $250. A per Projector for Outdoor Movies with a 1080P Full HD Video that gives Full HD 1080P Resolution and a contrast ratio of 8000:1 with a regular 720p perfect image quality. It has got the brightness i.e. 5000 lux, this led projector gives realistic images giving 80% brighter and 50% sharper images. This Vamvo projector’s chip has tens of thousands of reflective lenses that deliver high-quality pictures. And its projection size varies from 45” up to 300” and distance of 21 feet, giving a class theatre experience. This ultra-smart and versatile connectivity with 2*HDMI ports, 2*USB ports, VGA port, AV port, Micro SD card / Audio out 3.5mm easily connectable with a multimedia player, iPad, iPhone, Android smartphone, TV box, Chromecast, PC

This VAMVO L6200 is compatible with the Speaker, Gaming consoles, Laptop and fire TV, etc, and its LED lamp life, gives it 50000 hours projection life. Its large screen gives a great image clarity, with outstanding color accuracy and sharp image. The Vamvo projector comes along with 1*HDMI cable, 1*Power cable, 1*Vamvo L6200 projector, 1*3 in 3 AV Cable, 1*User Manual, and 1*Carry Bag. One of the best options if you are looking for a projector under $250.

# 3

VANKYO Burger 101 Pico Projector,...
803 Reviews

VANKYO Burger 101 Pico Projector,...

    VANKYO Burger 101 Pico Projector, another great buying option with all the advanced specifications at a nominal price of about less than $250. This is a great option with a 3D projection that can be only used if you have got 3D components like the Burger 101, 3D source, and a pair of active 3D glasses shutter which gives an incredible 3D experience. The best part of this projector is that the Vankyo Burger 101 that gives you access by giving you an option of screen mirroring which can be done easily through your smartphone or a tablet with the help of the wireless connection. This is well designed by Vankyo giving it a mini pocket size look, and the best gift for family and friends. It also gives ultra-clear pictures because of the DLP Technology, giving 1080 P HD video and giving 1920*1080 resolution giving it the best viewing results.  This mini projector has a 1000:1 contrast ratio that is a good option for your personal use only ie. Entertainment related. It also has the automated keystone correction up to 40% and supports the Active Shutter 3D format that delivers crystal clear and HD quality images. So this amazing designed Vankyo Burger 101 adds extra fun to your life with this portable, easy to carry and mini size projector for our homes. Can easily be connected with a laptop, smartphone, tablet, TV BOX, TV Stick, and USB flash drive via  HDMI, USB, and audio out port. It has got the Built-in 5200mAh rechargeable battery that allows the projector to work continuously for up to 3 hours.

    VANKYO Burger 101 has a built-in speaker for home use. For optimal watching experience, you can also connect to an external audio device. This mini projector comes with a customized bag is designed for you to carry and store easily and a tripod which is more immersive and stunning. So, this amazing Vankyo $250, has got an extra ordinary design  and performance is worth of its cost.

    # 4

    AKASO WT50 Mini Projector, 1080P HD...
    244 Reviews

    AKASO WT50 Mini Projector, 1080P HD...

      AKASO WT50 Mini Projector comes with DLP advanced technology that has 0.3MD optically processed chip delivering vibrant color and gives crystal clear images with 50 lumens LED brightness. This helps in giving the users advanced realistic images. This seems super portable, that includes its compact and lightweight design which is compatible with multiple devices ie. the USB, HDMI, 3.5mm AUX, and the micro SD port that can be easily connected to all types of external devices and smartphone, PS3, PS4, X-Box ONE to enjoy BIG games. Another smart version of a mini projector, which is compatible with built-in Android 7.1 OS which helps in streaming and using the applications. And has a touchscreen panel. Akaso has been equipped with auto keystone correction for a better view. As per the latest Technology, it has the built-in latest LED lamp care technology, which is not easy to fatigue after long hours too. It makes sure that there is no radiation, no eye injury but lets you just enjoy without any worries. Also gives it 2-3 hours of battery life with non-stop playtime. Its in-built 3.75V and 5000mAh with the support of external audio devices with 3.5mm audio jack or BT speakers.

      The LED lamps have 30,000 hours of lamp life, with a projection ratio of 1.19:1, and a projection size of 30-120”. The WT50 has adopted 802.11ac dual-band WiFi technology, that supports gigabit networks like the 5G wireless network making transmission more stable, and online video playing becomes more fluent. The Wifi connection’s stability depends on the distance and the bandwidth we chose. So another mini size projector you have in option under the price of $250.


      # 5

      Product on Sale
      VIVIMAGE Explore 3 Native 1080P...
      433 Reviews

      VIVIMAGE Explore 3 Native 1080P...

        VIVIMAGE Explore 3 Projector for Outdoor Movies, 6800 Lux Full HD 300" Native 1080P Projector, another best Projector that has got all the best features like its a perfect resolution, sound system, projection area, lamp life, etc. But it can be connected easily with a Mac, with all other basic features. This Vivimage Explore 3 projector has a 1920*1080 resolution with 6800 Lux brightness, which gives realistic images with more than 720 pixels giving it clear images. The color engine offers 8000:1 contrast presenting clear visual even in dark rooms, given really intensive color techniques along with the astounding cinematic clarity. It has the HDMI adapter to get connected with the iOS devices, and needs Type-C to HDMI adapter is needed for Android devices. It has the 7 layers LCD Lens that gives clear resolution, has double 10watt built-in speakers gives it a unique audio quality for a great experience.

        Vivimage is well equipped with  2*HDMI, 2*USB, VGA, AV, SD Cable, and also gives an Audio multimedia connection. Its 4D keystone correction makes horizontal and vertical adjustments that give it a clear picture from any distance or angle, it covers an area of 53-300 inches for projection and can cover a distance up to 5.15ft.-30.18ft. The area that gives you a private theater experience. A great Projection option that comes at a price of around $230, that gives a great visual experience.

        Some other top projectors under 250 dollars are given below:

        ELEGIANT LED Projector,ELEGIANT 3500 Lumens Mini Portable Home Theater Projector
        Moving up to the category of the best projectors under $250, we can expect more functions and features than those of basic projectors, like better audio output, bigger resolution, advanced connectivity options and significant lamp life. The Elegiant 3500 Lumens Mini Portable that comes for a meek sum $239 is the projector we would recommend.

        Got presentation files on your phone but no time to move them to another source? If yes, then you need a projector that lets you seamlessly connect with most types of devices like iPhone, Android, MacBook, Laptop and TV via many of its ports; just like this Elegiant projector does. 2 USB ports and 2 HDMI ports make it easier to directly stream from the source. Built-in speakers with plausible audio quality add more fun to the movie sessions.

        Coming to the picture quality, brightness 3500 lumens creates an image visible in a presentation room with lights on; think of its potential in a dark room. For a precisely focused image, the focusing ring on the front can be used to manually adjust the focus until its good enough for you. LCD projection technology is used with a sharp picture of native resolution 1280 x 800 SVGA, is the optimum-quality picture for movies and entertainment. Or maybe use a bigger resolution if you want a bigger image as this machine also supports resolutions up to 1920 x 1080 and 1280 x 720. Color production is satisfactory at the native resolution but upon scaling, the color depth may decrease noticeably. Contrast Ratio of 2000:1 adds richness to the video and copes up nicely with the brightness and overall picture quality. An additional feature called Image Denoising functionality makes it easier for eyes to watch for prolonged periods.
        Energy saving LED bulb inside works efficiently and has a huge lamp life of 50,000 hours which makes up for a pretty good long-term investment.

        Roku 3M Streaming ultra-compact projector
        Roku 3M Streaming ultra-compact projector is easy to use and setup. At a very affordable price, it is equipped with bright picture quality with up to 120-Inch wide picture size, 800×480 resolution and 2.5 hours of battery life on eco mode.

        FAVI RioHD-LED-G3 projector
        FAVI RioHD-LED-G3 is a portable gaming projector which is available in three different models based on max projection size 120 inch, 150 inches, and 200 inches. It supports 1080p resolution and LED lamp life is 20,000 hours. It is easy to use and its brightness, image and sound quality are very good at this price range.

        Optoma GT200 projector
        Optoma GT200 gaming projector is available in two brightness models – 150 Lumens and 50 Lumens. It has a superb sound quality and picture display and we can easily connect to gaming systems and other devices with the help of HDMI port. It is easy to use, lightweight and equipped with 120 inches projection size, 2,000:1 contrast ratio and 20,000 hours of LED lamp life.

        AAXA KP400-01 P3 projector
        AAXA KP400-01 P3 is a very small pocket pico projector with features like 50 Lumens brightness, max resolution of 1024×600 (WSVGA), 80-inch projection size, 60 minutes battery life and 15,000 hours LEDs with Vibrant Color Technology. Image quality is very good and it is good for sharing personal media with friends and family.

        Fugetek FG-637 projector
        Fugetek FG-637 is a value for money projector with features like native resolution 800×480 and 1080i/p compatible, projection size 50 inch to 150 inches, projection distance 5.8 feet – 18 feet, 16:9 and 4:3 aspect ratio, 600:1 contract, 1500 Lumen with 2000 peak value brightness, 2 built-in speakers, HDMI port and it is compatible with PS2, PS3, Xbox and Wii game consoles for great gaming experience.

        Best Projectors Under $250 – Conclusion

        Raising the stakes to $250, changes a lot when it comes to buying projectors that are the cheaper substitute to big screen displays. And these top five under $250 projectors will show you ‘why’.

        Two extremely portable pocket projectors on the list are Aodin mini wireless projector and RIF6 Cube. The good thing about Aodin wireless projector is that it is smart and features Android 4.4 to stream movies directly from over the internet. With manual controls neatly placed on the top, this is one compact projector. With optimum brightness of 300 Lumens and a Contrast ratio of 2000:1, this projector works with rechargeable batteries to be used just about anywhere and everywhere. The RIF6 Cube belongs to the similar portable category with 50-lumen brightness. And surprisingly, this small LED projection machine supports advanced connectivity like MHL, HDMI, and Micro SD. The above average picture quality is another satisfactory feature here with 854 x 480 WVGA resolution. 90-minute rechargeable battery and mobile adapters make this projector a perfect companion during traveling.

        Among the others, the iRULU P4 projector comes with a native resolution of 800 x 480 and has quite a bright picture even in well-lit conditions. To connect your smartphone for direct streaming, just connect the MHL cable and you are good to go. HDMI/USB/VGA/Audio out are some of the other connectivity options you get with this projector. And despite its basic nature, it projects an image as big as 200”.

        The Abdtech LCD projector and CiBest GP90 LCD projector are the two comparable projectors on the list. While the GP90, in pure terms, has an edge over Abdtech with its MHL support and 3200-lumen count against the latter’s 2600 lumen count and no MHL support. Both the projectors support up to 1080p projectors. Also, the CiBest GP90 achieves more clarity and lesser pixelation as it has the better 1280 x 800 resolution against the Abdtech’s 854 x 540 and seemingly a more contrasting picture with its 3000:1 Contrast ratio against the latter’s 1000:1. So, in a way, we can say that for a lesser sum, CiBest GP90 is the stepped-up version of the Abdtech projector.

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