Best Slide Cell Phones

Best Slide Cell Phones – Buying Guide

A cell phone may have many features that make it unique. And, one such feature is a slide feature. This cell phone has two separate but connected panels out of which one is for the screen and the other is for the keypad. It slides out horizontally and vertically depending on the cell phone.

The best slide cell phones give a complete advantage to the users for using the standard or QWERTY keypads and slide them back behind the display when not in use giving it the compact look. Slide cell phones can be operated single-handedly. The latest cell phones along with the slide feature are integrated with touch screen thereby increasing the screen size and reducing the size of the keypad. The best slide cell phones have accelerometers, which help the screen layout to switch between the portrait and the landscape mode along with faster typing to regular messaging users with utmost ease.

It is very good for viewing moviesplaying games and many other activities, which a big screen cell phone can provide. There are many companies that offer both forms of cell phones in one. You could use it as a touchscreen cell phone and also slide the keypad to type instantly. One great feature of these slide cell phones is that as soon as you slide the keypad, you get to the typing mode. This allows instant typing and reduces the time required to open the application.

Another utility of a slide cell phone is that some users are not used to the touchscreen typing. They still need a physical keypad to type anything on their cell phone. This slide cell phone offers such users the comfort they require. These users keep the slide cell phone market up and running even in this competitive environment.

Top slide cellphones are given below:

# 1

Samsung Galaxy Flight II A927 3G...
70 Reviews

Samsung Galaxy Flight II A927 3G...

  • DOES THIS DEVICE NEED A SIM CARD: This Device will accept an...
  • How do I go about unlocking this device:  although this...
  • own your Hardware like that you do not have any commitments...

# 2

Jethro 3G Unlocked Senior & Kids Slider...
121 Reviews

Jethro 3G Unlocked Senior & Kids Slider...

# 3

LG Extravert 2 VN280 (Verizon) - Blue
229 Reviews

LG Extravert 2 VN280 (Verizon) - Blue

  • Slide-out QWERTY keyboard for completely viewable screen
  • Smart LED lighting indicates alerts, missed messages, and...
  • Bluetooth Wireless technology 3.0
  • Stylish, comfortable design
  • Large 3.2-Inch wqvga display for easy viewing and navigation


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